Hinges and Slides: Mobile Mech...

Hinges and Slides: Mobile Mechanisms to Take Advantage of Tiny Spaces
Posted by ADMIN | 23 September 2020

Hinges and Slides: Mobile Mechanisms to Take Advantage of Tiny Spaces

At the 2014 Venice Biennale, celebrated architect and curator Rem Koolhaas chose an unusual curatorial theme. Rather than exploring the major issues that plague modern society or their manifestations in the profession of architecture, the event's theme, "Fundamentals," and its main exhibition, "Elements of Architecture," examined in detail the bare fundamentals of buildings, simple elements used by everyday architects for everyday designs. According to Koolhaas, “Architecture is a profession trained to put things together, not to dismantle them. Only by looking at the elements of architecture under a microscope can we recognize cultural preferences, technological advances, changes triggered by the intensification of global exchange, climatic adaptations, local norms and, somewhere in the mix, the architect's ideas that constitute the practice of architecture today.”

When we approach small-scale architecture with solutions that need to be efficient for limited space, architects must include certain elements of vital importance to allow for flexibility and movement in spaces and furniture. In small apartments, the flexibility afforded by joinery solutions is especially essential, allowing each surface to serve multiple uses, such as a storage place or a door. But as omnipresent as they are in our daily lives, we generally do not give due importance to these small pieces that provide so much extra ease.