Together we are Strong: Inters...

Together we are Strong: Interstuhl SPLACES
Posted by ADMIN | 23 September 2020

Together we are Strong: Interstuhl SPLACES

Within the scope of the innovative SPLACES concept, INTERSTUHL offers planners and architects the opportunity to collaborate directly with experts on the design of creative and future-oriented new work scenarios.

No matter from which angle you look at it, nothing works in the modern working world without flexibility, so, all the better if the workspace is designed to be changeable and mobile right from the start. With HUB, Interstuhl has developed a solution to multiple issues in one – and one that is not only simple, but also clever, adjustable, charming and, up until now, unique.

Whether workspace, retreat area, meeting room or community space, utilising the three basic elements – rear wall, partition wall and seating – in combination with benches, storage surfaces and side tables, gives planners and architects complete freedom to create individual work landscapes or to organise areas in terms of social distancing and protecting against infection. And this can be done in relation to various spaces – from individual workstations to open offices.